Regina Neighbourhoods 2

University Park

University Park is where families go to prosper. The homes in this neighbourhood offer all the square footage necessary for the modern family, as well as the activities and opportunities to keep them busy. Located near the Sunrise Public Library in the Sandra Schmirler Centre, there are plenty of programs, events and classes for everyone.

Hunt public elementary school is within walking distance for children from kindergarten to eighth grade. Assiniboine Avenue provide quick routes to Campbell Collegiate high school, the U of R, Sask Poly Tech, and south end shopping. Arcola Avenue provides access to all of the East end’s shopping, restaurants and services, as well as the city’s downtown.

The walking and biking paths connect to the Wascana Lake pathways, offering hours of casual strolling in the splendour of the city’s most beautiful scenery. The neighbourhood is quiet, residential living far enough from the hustle and bustle to be peaceful, yet close enough to stay involved.

Varsity Park

 A quiet, family neighbourhood, Varsity Park provides all the comforts necessary for the modern family: bike paths, tennis courts, large parks, nearby shopping and restaurants, convenience stores, doctors’ offices, and a pharmacy. 1970s and 80s built homes provide ample space for large families, many designed or remodeled for open-concept living. Large backyards complement the greenspace, encouraging barbecues and relaxing.

For those working in other areas of the city, Varsity Park offers very accessible direct routes to every area in Regina. Victoria Ave, Arcola Ave, and the Ring Road are all only minutes away, affording commuters less time in traffic and more time focusing on the important things in life.

W.S. Hawryluk public elementary school meets the needs of young families, while Balfour Collegiate, Miller Comprehensive, and Campbell Collegiate are only a short drive away for high-school aged students. Varsity Park is an affordable area for those who want to stay close to the bustling East end, while enjoying calm and peaceful family life in Regina.

​Wascana View

With some of the city’s largest and most luxurious homes, Wascana View is the ideal neighbourhood for those looking for a touch of class in their everyday life. This beautiful area is not only one of the gems of Regina in its appearance, but also offers a safe, friendly atmosphere for a family of any size.

The new homes are arranged in a unique residential layout, and complemented by a new development - a large, beautiful green space perfect for walking, biking or watching the stars in skies clear of any tall buildings.

Though the quiet area may seem like it’s outside the city, the East End shopping area is only a short drive away, with access to restaurants, grocery stores and gyms. Also nearby is W.S. Hawryluk Public Elementary School, and close access to the Ring Road.

Wascana View is elegant city living with a quiet neighbourhood feel.

​Albert Park

 Albert Park is a warm, friendly neighbourhood perfect for those looking for a great, long -term family home. Composed of a more mature population of mostly families and children, Albert Park offers many great amenities.

The Southland shopping centre includes a movie theatre, family restaurants, great shopping, a café, bookstore, a branch of the public library, and a grocery store. Harbour Landing development is also nearby, which boasts a major new shopping centre of its own. But multi-functional shopping centres aren’t the only attraction for Albert Park. The area also has 14 different parks perfect for long, peaceful walks or family outings.

Schools in the neighbourhood include Dr. A.E. Perry Public Elementary School and Deshaye separate Elementary School, and Campbell and Leboldus high schools are also close by. The University of Regina and Sask Poly Tech are also both short drives away.

Albert Park is the perfect place for families with practical needs!


Experience the allure of Regina's premier neighborhood, The Crescents, where elegance meets individuality in a truly unique setting. Characterized by quiet crescents, meticulously maintained historical homes, and picturesque elm-lined streets, The Crescents exude unparalleled charm and sophistication.

Nestled in a prime location, The Crescents offer convenient access to downtown Regina and Wascana Lake and its myriad of amenities, ensuring residents enjoy the best of urban living while maintaining a serene residential atmosphere. Nearby educational institutions include Davin Primary School and Sheldon Collegiate public high school, providing quality education options for families.

The distinctive architecture and pride of ownership within the neighbourhood manifest in beautifully landscaped yards, gardens, and homes, reflecting the residents' commitment to preserving the area's timeless beauty. With a slightly older demographic than neighboring Cathedral, The Crescents embody an artsy, bohemian ambiance infused with a touch of refinement.

Celebrate the allure of classic character homes that serve as the focal point of this coveted neighborhood, where each residence tells a story of timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Discover the essence of luxury living in The Crescents – where sophistication meets individuality in one of Regina's most desirable locale


Seven beautiful green spaces welcome you to Hillsdale, a great neighbourhood full of solidly built 1960s-1970s homes. The design and aesthetic of the homes in the area lends to large windows, open concepts and spacious rooms. In addition, the large lots allow for beautiful gardens, large garages, and plenty of room for entertaining.

Hillsdale is situated nicely by beautiful Wascana Park and the Legislative Building, which is full of bike and walking paths that are gorgeous year round. Public and private schools, covering kindergarten to twelfth grade are nearby. The area is also adjacent to Albert Street, providing great access to plenty of shopping and services on Regina’s main route. Hillsdale is also close by the University of Regina and Sask Poly Tech, making it a perfect location for students and young professionals.

Hillsdale is a great location in the heart of South Regina! 

​Harbour Landing

Situated on the city’s West side, Harbour Landing is the fastest growing neighbourhood in Regina. Known for its countless exclusive shopping outlets ranging from Wal-Mart Supercentre to Urban Barn, Harbour Landing features destination shopping for non-residents. But the home construction in the area will soon overshadow the shopping.

This newly developed area is home to some of the most exciting design in urban planning, as well as unique, modern architecture. Custom-designed homes by an array of builders has resulted in gorgeous properties, catering to executive lifestyles, retirees and contemporary families alike. Walking and bicycling paths crisscross the area, providing peace and respite from busy city life.

Access to the rest of the city is excellent, as Lewvan Drive connects to all major roads. The airport is nearby for those whose work requires travel, and across Lewvan there is a host of services and shops to complement the vast array of shopping and services available in Harbour Landing.

Large homes on large lots, premium condominium complexes, brand new streets and pathways ensure that Harbour Landing offers everything one needs to relax and stay for awhile. 

​Whitmore Park

Whitmore Park was designed with families in mind. Featuring Massey Pool, the Balfour indoor arena, and restaurants, and access to groceries and shopping, this South end neighbourhood has it all. Grant Road public elementary, Campbell Collegiate public high school, and the University of Regina all reside in this neighbourhood, and Sask Poly Tech is only a few minutes drive away.

Comprised mostly of large homes on large lots, Whitmore Park is family-friendly, with parks and athletic spaces to suit all needs. Its proximity to Albert St means that anything you can’t find in Whitmore Park is only a few minutes away, and routes to downtown are fast and convenient. The Southland Mall shopping area provides some of the best shopping in town, as well as a public library and movie theatre.

This area features a very high rate of home ownership, and its residents take great pride in beautifully-kept yards and houses. Tree-lined streets make for beautiful evening strolls and the friendliness of residents means that making friends is easy in a neighbourhood like Whitmore Park.

​Kensington Greens

The tree-lined entry to Kensington Greens is a warm indication of the beautiful neighbourhood awaiting residents. A centrally located park space is great for walking, jogging, or playing with the kids. The small population (projected at 1,650) ensures a tight-knit community, providing safety and a true neighbourhood feel.

Kensington Greens is one of the newest developments in North Regina, with lots still available for building beautiful custom homes. All properties in the area feature a minimum double garage located off the back alley, meaning plenty of space for toys and hobbies without overwhelming the streets with garage-front houses. Large floor plans, and custom-build options, allow ample space for families of all sizes. Architecturally stunning homes are currently in development in this area.

Kensington Greens is close to both Albert Street and Rochdale Boulevard, meaning that shopping, restaurants and services are just a short drive away. Uplands, just south of the Greens, offers three elementary schools and two high schools. With all the choice of customization, Kensington Greens is a neighbourhood defined and designed by its residents.

​McCarthy Park

McCarthy Park is a mid-priced neighbourhood that offers family-sized homes on large lots. The area is based around its bays and crescents, meaning that corner lots are a feature for a large number of homes. Featuring a large park, walking distance to three elementary schools and a public library branch, this area is great for families. Both Winston Knoll and Michael Riffel high schools are within walking distance. Bus service to downtown is easily accessible, and both Normanivew and Rochdale shopping and services are only a short drive away.

This inviting neighbourhood also offers gyms, pharmacies, and grocery stores. For nightlife, there is a local brewpub, many licensed restaurants, a bowling alley and a movie theatre. Maple Ridge keeps its residents busy!


Built in the 1970s, this area features mostly single-family homes and a high rate of homeownership. The largest demographic is young families with children. Three elementary schools and two high schools within walking (or reasonable driving) distance make this area perfect for families. The active neighbourhood association means that, despite its large population, the residents of Uplands have a voice in their community’s development.

Close to the Northgate Mall, the Sherwood Village Mall, and the Rochdale shopping centres, Uplands enjoys the benefits of great shopping and services without the clamour and busyness. Excellent restaurants cater to tastes of any preference, all within walking distance (or at least delivery distance!). Commuters have Broad Street, Albert Street, and close access to the Ring Road to take them anywhere they need to be. Uplands has the quiet, friendly vibe of a small community, with all the benefits of big city life.

​Argyle Park

Predominantly a family-oriented neighbourhood close to both Dr. L.M. Hanna public and St. Timothy separate elementary schools, Argyle Park boasts affordable mid-sized homes. Located in the city’s North end, Argyle is close to new retail development on Rochdale Boulevard and all of the amenities that come with it.

Sharing a community centre with neighbouring Engelwood, Argyle Park has numerous parks and play structures, as well as good access to sporting facilities and libraries. Winston Knoll Collegiate and Riffel high schools are only a short drive away.

Quiet and friendly, Argyle Park is ideal for families looking to move up in the housing market. Ring Road and Pasqua Street access enable commuters to get around the city easily and conveniently, while keeping the neighbourhood itself tucked away from the noise and traffic of main thoroughfares.


Engelwood is a North Regina neighbourhood built in the 1970s and 80s. Tied together with neighbouring Argyle Park by the beautiful Sangster Park, Engelwood is a quiet, affordable neighbourhood. Its location on the North side of Regina means that residents have easy access to all of the retail development on Rochdale Boulevard, such as groceries, boutique clothing stores, and countless services and restaurants.

Predominantly a family-oriented neighbourhood, Engelwood is close to both Dr. L.M. Hanna public and St. Timothy separate elementary schools. Winston Knoll and Riffel high schools are nearby.

Sangster Park provides acres of green space, and serves to divide Engelwood and Argyle Park, who share a a common community centre. Homes in Engelwood tend to be priced higher than Argyle Park homes, but there are homes for all tastes and styles. Families thrive in Engelwood.

​Garden Ridge

Nestled in the city’s North end, Garden Ridge hosts homes with impressive square footage to suit all needs. There are quick routes to all areas of the city, and shopping and entertainment accessible via walking and biking paths.

George Lee and Henry Janzen public elementary schools, St. Bernadette separate school, and both Winston Knoll Collegiate and Michael A. Riffel high schools offer choice to families in their children’s education without the hassle of commuting.

A high rate of home ownership is evident in the pride taken in the appearance of yards and houses in the neighbourhood. Large lots with beautiful landscaping and attention to maintenance and upkeep make the neighbourhood a sight to see. Families with children are the largest demographic group in the area, making it easy to get to know your neighbours.

Garden Ridge is family friendly living with all the accoutrements.

​Maple Ridge

North Regina’s amenities include brand new retail development at the Rochdale shopping district, the Normanview Mall, and plenty of fitness clubs, libraries, and greenspaces. Thanks to Rochdale Boulevard and McCarthy Boulevard, Maple Ridge residents have swift access to all of these benefits. Developed mostly in the last decade, Maple Ridge homes are large enough to accomodate families of all sizes, while providing the very best in current home design, from open concept layouts to spacious bathrooms and kitchens.

Close to MacNeil public and St. Angela Merici French Immersion elementary schools, and only a short drive to both Riffel and Winston Knoll high schools, Maple Ridge has got your educational needs covered. The Northwest Leisure Centre provides fitness facilities and a swimming pool, certain to keep the kids entertained. Restaurants and pubs in the area keep parents amused, too.

Large, beautifully landscaped lots surround spacious homes in Maple Ridge. Residents have everything they need, and plenty of things to occupy their time, entertain their families, and maintain an active, balanced lifestyle.

​Rochdale Park

Featuring picturesque park spaces, Rochdale Park is an impressive neighbourhood in the midst of the North end of Regina’s growth and development. Close to MacNeil public and St. Angela Merici French Immersion elementary schools, this area is as family friendly as it gets.

The Northwest Leisure Centre, providing fitness facilities and a swimming pool, ensures that active residents prosper. The nearby shopping district on Rochdale Boulevard and the Normanview Mall offer denizens plenty of shopping, be it groceries, clothes, sporting equipment, home renovation supplies, or any other imaginable need!

Rochdale Park provides mid- to large-sized homes for individuals and families that accommodate the needs of everyone. Large lots, coup

Man-made lakes nearby and the edge of the city encourage sporting of all kinds and provide a beautiful backdrop to a luxurious lifestyle.